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The Magic Pudding (PB)
The Magic Pudding (PB)

The adventures of those splendid fellows Bunyip Bluegum, Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff, the penguin bold, and of course their amazing, everlasting and very cantankerous Puddin'. A very unusual pudding it is indeed,. Whistle three times, turn it round and it's steak-and-kidney if that's what you fancy, or hot jam roll, or delicious apple dumpling. Its manners are appalling, but it tastes so good!

And it loves, just loves, to be eaten:

"Eat away, chew away, munch and bolt and guzzle, Never leave the table till you're full up to the muzzle,"

it rudely urges the Noble Order of Puddin'-Owners, and of course the three members are delighted to oblige. But a secret like a magic  pudding is hard to keep, and the envious eyes of professional puddin'-thieves are on the brave trio and their prize. The puddin'-thieves are cunning and masters of disguise, but no match in the end for the even greater ingenuity of righteous puddin'-owners.

This is the paperback version.

Price: $15.00

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